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  • DB1-18 Duffel Bag, Black/Red

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    We designed our multisport duffel bag to be the most innovative transition bag in its category.
    Our new 2018 collection is lighter than ever, include a large side pocket compartment for shoes and a new belt strap.

    This multisport duffel-backpack is also used by trail runners, cyclist doing cyclo-cross, gym goers, swimmers, winter sport and crossfit athletes…

    DB1-10 Demo video ( note that the DB1-18 is twice as big as the one you see on the video)
    Product Features

        •    Duffel & backpack with unique "snow or mud free" changing pads combination
        •    Unique strap system to carry your bag as a duffel or as a regular backpack
        •    Combination of magnets and buckles for ease of use of the 2 padded mats
        •    PU coated fabric expose to the ground with abrasion resistant Hypalon® patch over magnets
        •    3 external pockets, 2 inner pockets, collapsible divider to separate soiled gear from clean gear
        •    GYST [XCP] system creates a clean space for you to step or rest on
        •    GYST [XCP] system prevents the outer bag's surfaces from getting dirty
        •    GYST [XCP] system creates a clean space for you to step on when barefoot and change gear, shoes…
        •    GYST [XCP] system does not require systematic cleaning (even if you use your bag on a muddy parking lot)
        •    Ideal for: Skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, mountain bikers, surfers, crossfit athletes…
    Detailed Product Description
    Unique multisport changing bag that transforms into a transition setup you step into when barefoot. Invented by GYST a US company.
    Product Specifications
    Exterior Dimensions:
    24" x 14" x 12.5"
    Linear Inches:
    Strap Drop Length:
    3 lbs, 0 oz
    600D Polyester