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  • Diaper bag DIA1-18

    Diaper bag 1-18 or DIA1-18

    Our unique changing bag construction has produced one of the most advanced diaper bag of its category. Our DIA1-18 can be used in any public space or outdoor as none of the soiled surfaces touch your baby’s mat.

    It features our X-Changer Pack system [XCP system], allowing you to open it anywhere, change your baby on a clean mat and carry a clean bag when you are done. Each portion of this bag is water repellent. Padded mats connect to the bag with magnets/hooks and loops for ease of use. They are secured with adjustable and replaceable elastic.


    This durable design is manufactured with a comfortable and breathable shoulder strap and can be carried as a messenger bag or secured to your stroller with 2 stroller straps.

    Product Features

    ·       Diaper bag with unique "clean & foldable” mats combination

    ·       Mat #1 is waterproof and can be opened anywhere

    ·       Mat#2 is always protected by mat#1 and stays clean

    ·       Mat#2 is made of soft felt material for baby's comfort, removable and washable

    ·       Combination of magnets elastic and hooks for ease of use of the 2 padded mats

    ·       PU coated fabric exposed to the ground

    ·       3 front pockets, 2 side pockets, collapsible divider can store 4 baby's bottles, vertical handle

    ·       1 lateral pocket features thermo insulation.

    ·       GYST [XCP] system creates a clean space for your baby to rest on

    ·       GYST [XCP] system prevents the outer bag's surfaces from getting dirty

    ·       GYST [XCP] system does not require systematic cleaning (even if you use your bag on a muddy parking lot)

    ·       Stroller straps

    ·       All fabrics are PVC free

    ·       Material:
    600D Polyester



    Product Specifications


    Exterior Dimensions:

    18" x 14" x 7"


    3 lbs, 11 oz


    27 l