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  • MB1-10 Wetsuit bag for surfer - NO zippers

    $89.00 $59.00

    GYST XCP system allows you to open your bag on a soiled surface ( sand/ snow/ concrete/ mud):
    Creates a clean space for you to step or rest on
    Prevents the outer bag's surfaces from getting dirty
    Does not require systematic cleaning
    GYST and its [XCP] pack system brings a revolution to the market of wetsuit bags.

    This MB1 is the ultimate surfer bag, its built without zippers for more durability ( because salted water always blocks zippers)

    Our messenger bag features our X-Changer Pack System [XCP System], which allows you to open it anywhere, get changed on a clean mat and carry a clean bag when you are done. Each portion of this bag is water repellent. A small removable divider in the main compartment is ideal for organizing your gear. Padded mats connect to the bag with magnets/hooks and loops for ease of use. They are secured with a quick release buckle. MB1-10 is sold with an additional water repellent pouch to carry a wetsuit or wet gear.