Who we are

We are a US based and a 100% US privately owned company.

GYST is the creator of the X-Changer Pack system (XCP system) the leading transition bag system that simplifies the process of changing clothes before-and-after exercising. 

Super-practical and constructed of eco-friendly materials, our innovative packs have been designed and tested by athletes in real world conditions. Our brand promotes and advocates a straightforward proposition: be active to feel better and to be energized.

Invented and developed by founder and design director Dominique Aris, aka Dom Aris, of Minnesota-based be-unique.us (a sports equipment, design studio), GYST bags were praised as soon as they were introduced to the U.S. market. 

The collection, including triathlon, surf boarding and crossfit training styles, came from Aris’ own experience as an 800m runner, triathlete, surfer, windsurfer, snowboarder and father. After decades of experience in eyewear design Dom ARIS launched his GYST eyewear line with the modo of being the ultimate multisport sunglasses collection combining practicality and style.

Our focus is the athlete: because you exercise to live better, we respect that and strive to help you get the GYST—by “getting your self (or stuff) together,” and embracing the true essential spirit of sport and an active life. GYST originated on 01-01-10 and encourages a new vision for athletes: you exercise to get yourself together.

GYST does not accept the mainstream attitude of “victory at any cost” and the tarnished values of professional sports. Unlike major brands, we promote competition by the rules and “organically grown athletes”. 

We champion:

  • Organically-grown athletes and competitions and athletes that are clean.
  • Teaching our kids to practice and play by the rules.
  • Making innovative products that are PVC-free and eco-friendly.